"In an effort to combat Amazon’s power, the Free and Fair Markets Initiative—a nonprofit watchdog–has teamed up with former Amazon workers to create a hotline for reporting unsafe working conditions.

CALL (202) 656-1593

From operating dangerous machinery to battling extreme heat, Amazon workers are constantly at risk of suffering serious injuries in the name of meeting relentless demand from their employer.

The Free & Fair Markets Initiative wants to help workers who have been involved in accidents in fulfillment centers and neglected by Amazon get the help they need.

If you are dealing with unsafe working conditions at an Amazon fulfillment center, call (202) 656-1593 or fill out the form and we will make sure your story is heard.

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This is a project of the Free & Fair Markets Initiative.

How to File a Complaint

Workers, representatives, and anyone else aware of serious health or safety violations in the workplace have three options to file an OSHA complaint.

  1. Submit online via electronic complaint form
  2. Download a PDF complaint form and fax or mail it to your local OSHA Regional or Area Office
  3. Call the violation in to your local OSHA office or 1-800-321-OSHA

FFMI's hotline "allows workers to bypass taking it up with their company, which helps them avoid a fear of retribution for speaking out."